In 1990 I completed my first novel, The Dusk of Aquarius. (opposite of the Dawn of Aquarius) My agent was enthusiastic but the publishers less so. Lots of good commentary. No contracts. The book lived in a file for too many years. I think it should be read. So you can click on this link and download a free copy In PDF format. If you are grateful, you can use the Donate link on the left to send a contribution. Have a good read!

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Somewhere between the White Rabbit and the Mad Hatter, but nowhere near the Queen of Hearts! 

Do you see any resemblance?

WE ARE ALL NEW YORKERS - Those of us who used to work or live there and those of us who have never set foot in the Big Apple - We share the pain and the pride in a great city that has been wounded.- On October 18, 2001, I returned to see it for myself.  Click here for a few photos and few thoughts. And now New York heals.  The site has been cleared, the new World Trade Center has started to rise.  The neighborhood itself is almost back normal.  But the emotions represented by the photo on this page will never be forgotten, so I decided to leave this picture on the web site for a long while.  We don't want to forget!

Sioux Falls, South Dakota -- updated December 23, 2013 - OMG! I have not updated this web site in over three years. I know where the years have gone. They were a time of upheaval and trouble. But things have settled down now so I am back to work. I am going to make a lot of changes. Keep your eyes on this spot for more information. (the Alice pictures are the famous Tenniel Illustrations from the original Lewis Carroll books . If you are interested them simply click here for more resources. Actually, you can learn a lot from visiting the Lewis Carroll Home Page)  

Sioux Falls is quiet city of about 150,000 located in the southeastern part of South Dakota near the borders of Iowa, Minnesota and Nebraska.  It's a long, long way from New York not only geographically, but spiritually. I spent almost 49 years in and under the shadow of the Big Apple, so I figured I earned the right to live somewhere else, anywhere else. Sioux Falls is one really nice place to live a wonderful small city, with things to do and lots of friendly people. Visit the Sioux Falls, South Dakota  web page and see for yourself. OK, it's not New York, but I never have much trouble finding a place to park. I live in a home that is almost 100 years old and right on one of the city's busiest streets. People, especially old friends from back east, tell me I have no reason to stay in Sioux Falls any more. I do, though. I like it here.

For the past thirty- two odd (and some have been really odd) years, I've earned my living by doing two different things. I am a writer and I am also a professional fund raiser.
And I've been pretty successful at doing both. I've raised money for major organizations like The Legal Aid Society of New York and the United Jewish Appeal (now called the Jewish Federations of North America). During and in between the fund raising, I wrote for The New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, the Christian Science Monitor, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, New York Newsday, TV Guide and lots more. (you won't find my articles through these links unless the paper has a really good archives section. I put the links in just for fun and to give you a quick way to leave in case you get bored reading this page) My Israel pieces have appeared in 40+ American-Jewish newspapers and I've completed 3 novels.  I actually published one a few years back (see the graphic near the top of the page). Since I retired from full time regular work, I hope another book will be coming out soon. But my first book, never published is available through this web site. Just look on the very top of the page. 
But writing is a drug... the more you get the more you want. After all, a NY Times byline is not something everyone has, and once I had my first, all I wanted was another. So when my daughter the doctor graduated from college, and no longer needed as much financial support, I decided to leave New York's big money jobs and high expense living. The idea, the hope, was a better way of living and more time to write. It didn't work out quite the way I planned. (When does it ever? John Lennon said, "Life is what happens to you when you are busy makeing other plans,") More than 20 years have passed since the move and only one book was written. Somehow things didn't get much simpler and sometimes my life feels just like the Mad Hatter's Tea Party which is why I chose for my domain.  I thought once I retired, just maybe...but life took over again. But right now come with me and I'll share some with you, some tea, a few entertaining words to read, a little insanity, whatever. By the way, thanks for visiting. 
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