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THE DUSK OF AQUARIUS, or the Pommerson Tragedy (288 manuscript pages) by Marty Gallanter

Offered for your consideration is THE DUSK OF AQUARIUS, a new literary novel. Set in 1975 in the composite Catskill Mountain town of Pommerson, New York, the book focuses on the universal themes of fear, alienation, love, and power. But this particular performance takes place in a society of remnant "hippies," just after the collapse of the communes and the back-to-the-land movement... at the dusk of Aquarius.

The tiny country town of Pommerson, founded before the American Revolution, and, for a while, home of numerous communes and dozens of hippies, has almost returned to its traditions. The communes that inexplicably found their way into the tiny dairy farming community during the summer of '72, are gone and most of the young people who populated them have returned to the city. Still, a few remain. A remnant hippie band whose social headquarters is Charlie Nelson's New Town Saloon. This group of long-haired, counter-culture people band together to create their own society. But their subculture is not dedicated to peace, love and freedom. Rather, it is instead as structured a social order as any that existed in Victorian England. Every individual fulfills a specific functional role.

The part that each portrays is determined and enforced by Vicky, Charlie's sensual, and manipulative live-in girlfriend, the undisputed sovereign of the New Town Saloon. Vicki is also the wife of charismatic former hippie leader Richard, now serving a long prison term for drug dealing. Even after having been gone for more than two years, Richard's "presence" in Pommerson still haunts Vicki's psyche.

On an unseasonably hot, humid day, the New Town Saloon is visited by a stranger, a quiet man with cold eyes capable of touching Charlie's deepest fears. At first, the visitor only comes by when Charlie is alone. He is "Charlie's phantom," a being that most of Charlie's friends believe to be a creation of the bartender's compelling tendency to indulge in Genesee Ale. 

In time, the stranger appears to them all - at Vicki's 30th birthday party - and is finally identified as Michael, an emissary from Vicki's imprisoned and long-ignored husband. Welcomed only by Leena, the rebellious mate of a barely successful rock musician, Michael eventually becomes a catalyst that prods the remnant hippie society to finally self-destruct.

The story line progresses with Vicki's use of raw sex to maintain her control over Charlie and with Leena's gentle passion for the stranger Michael. Both are described with explicit detail. The conflict between protagonists is heightened by the mysterious, unexplained death of a member of the hippie community.

I offer this novel, for original paperback or hardcover release, as an experienced newspaper and magazine writer.

As the other pages on this site show, my credits include the New York Times, the Chicago Tribune, the Baltimore Sun, New York Newsday, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, the Cleveland Plain-Dealer, TV Guide and more.

In the published versions of my essays, the author's bio is always very simple, something like "Marty Gallanter lives in Tyler, MN. But future bios could read "Marty Gallanter is the author of THE DUSK OF AQUARIUS, on your publishing label." You can't buy that kind of publicity.

I am quite capable of promoting my own work. I have already appeared on numerous television talk shows, including Diane Sawyer's Prime Time Live and the short-lived Saturday Night Connie Chung. I have written for the American Jewish press for over a dozen years and I am prepared to arrange for book reviews for my work in dozens of major city American Jewish newspapers. In simple words, if you accept this book for publication, you contract with more than a writer but also with a professional promoter, at no extra charge. Just wander around the WEB site for a while.

I would be happy to forward a copy of THE DUSK OF AQUARIUS at your pleasure or, if you are on-line, transmit the chapters electronically. I look forward to hearing from you. Send me an e-mail at I promise I will respond quickly.

marty gallanter

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